Project started in April 2020 and it is still growing. Now its time to release next plans. Version 3 is focused education about processing of plastic waste and workspace restoration. I will still follow Precious Plastic technology with ongoing machine and mould development, but with ambitions to get HOW-TOs and my knowledge into primary school all over my country –  the Czech Republic.

#1 Education content

Precious Plastic Monash made a great progress in this education area. You can get all resources on this link. After my experience with running Plastmakers Club I want involve more FREE to download content and lesson plans not only for teachers in elementary schools but also for other workspaces around the world. Release date will be in February.

#2 Workspace restoration

I started in old garage and then moved to bigger and more industrial place which needs to be repaired to provide nice place for work. The biggest limitation right now is cold. This year I repaired room which can be used for max. 4 people. Target for 2022 is to have 3 restored rooms with capacity of 12 people.

#3 FULL TIME job

Until now I had a part-time job in NGO. It was great, but I did not have enough time and energy to finish all my ideas in Plastmakers, therefore from 1.1.2022 I have more time and more motivation to make this dream job real. And I will do it until I see that my work in this area makes sense.

#4 Development

For sure I am a mechanical engineer with passion for industrial design. In 2022 you can expect sheetpress upgrades and new moulds. I will continue in geodesic dome testing and development and there is a parametric bench design I would love to finish with my friends from Barcelona.

All updates will be announced on Instagram profile @Plastmakers

Thank you.