July 2021: Peter and Leona from Český florbal contacted me and later visited at Olympic festival in Prague. Their wish was to reuse material from destroyed sport equipment into medals. I really liked not only this idea but also other sustainable actions which Český florbal does. Therefore I was happy for future cooperation.

Few weeks later I produced official medals for „Player of the match“ IFF World championship U19 in Brno (Czech Republic). Next to medal production I had an opportunity to introduce manufacturing process at site event, which was a great experience. Injection mould was designed for Precious Plastic injection machine and its simple design I published also as free content on website.

Spring 2022: Český florbal contacted me again with request to prepare new medal design for upcomming summer events – Street floorball league 2022. Its a series of 6 events in the biggest cities across Czech Republic. Their request was to produce 1200 medals. 

I redesigned medal shape, made few prototypes on 3d printer. After design confirmation I prepared new injection mould design and started production. As material I use floorball balls which are delivered from different clubs across country. In total we recycle 30 kg of plastic material. Due to small power requirements of shredder and injection machine, manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. Energy consumption for production of 1 medal is only 0,02kWh. 

Balls are made from LDPE. Althought this material is not very suitable for injection moulding on Precious Plastic machine, I managed process how to produce in average 10 medals/ hour. I am happy with final design of medals and perfect colaboration with Český florbal. Thank you. 

Lastly I want thank to Photo Theresca and David Černý for amazing photos.



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